Binhai CBD Master Plan, Binhai, Tianjin, China

Binhai CBD Master Plan

Binhai, Tianjin, China

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This major urban renewal project covers a 52km2 area of industrial land formerly associated with the processing and production of goods for Tianjin Port. KANNFINCH’s Master Plan won an international design competition to develop a new mixed use New Town for Binhai, in the Northern China province of Tianjin.

Our scheme features a new high rise commercial mixed use CBD with water views and access to the Haihe River. From this centre a series of smaller sub centres were developed as part of a rail network of ‘places’ serving residential inner suburbs which contain services such as schools, hospitals, retail corridors and commercial opportunities.

The process included a total review of the existing road and rail system to allow the port of Tianjin and its links to Beijing and mainland China to operate without impacting on the new residential and commercial zones. Our scheme also provides a public transport system to allow the area to grow without reliance on motor vehicles.

KANNFINCH have also worked on a number of related projects in the Tianjin area, including the Binhai Hi-Tech Park, and the Haibin Master Plan

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Binhai CBD Master Plan
Binhai CBD Master Plan
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