Binhu New Area Master Plan, Hefei, Anhui, China

Binhu New Area Master Plan

Hefei, Anhui, China

Waterman International
International Design Competition Winner

This large-scale master plan incorporates an area of approximately 190sqm in the existing city of Hefei, in north-eastern China. The aim was to create a city with a broad edge to the Chao Lake, through utilisation of the natural topography and environmentally sustainable built form.

The plan creates a new retail and commercial CBD, ‘Binhu’ which has lakeside frontage and direct transport links back to Hefei. The surrounding area was developed as a series of ‘sub centres’ also linked by a new public transport system.

Special care was taken to maintain the existing low lying ecological zones in an area to promote an integrated eco friendly master plan outcome.

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Binhu New Area Master Plan
Binhu New Area Master Plan
Binhu New Area Master Plan
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