Enfield Brick Pit Master Plan, Enfield, Sydney, Australia

Enfield Brick Pit Master Plan

Enfield, Sydney, Australia

Hannas Group
Rezoning Application Lodged

KANNFINCH undertook a rezoning master plan for a 8.5 hectare site in the Inner West Sydney suburb of Enfield. Our scheme converts the site from a disused brick pit to low density residential usage comprising 110 town houses, 44 semi-detached houses and 21 detached houses. An important consideration in the design of the master plan was planning for the location of a frog colony on the site and the reimaging of a storm water culvert to create a new riparian waterway. In addition the master plan sought to provide opportunities for a new approach to townhouse development with the introduction of accessible laneways. The plan also provided new park/play areas on the site for the use of the local community and new connections for pedestrians and cyclists with the surrounding urban area.

Specific challenges of the site included the relocation of Green and Golden Belfrog habitats, as well as the conversion of an existing storm water culvert to to a riparian waterway zone.

The scheme has been lodged with Council.

Enfield Brick Pit Master Plan
Enfield Brick Pit Master Plan
Enfield Brick Pit Master Plan
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