Sorouh Office Building, Dubai, UAE

Sorouh Office Building

Dubai, UAE

Concept Design

Designed as the headquarters for Sorouh’s operations in the UAE, this seven storey building is designed as a benchmark for sustainability.

Sustainability initiatives include:
- Ventilated twin façade with planter boxes to provide shading
- Wind turbines at the top to extract hot air and draw up cooler air from the bottom and to generate electricity
- Rooftop photo voltaic cells to generate electricity
- Active cooling systems incorporating water recycling, involving the use of chilled beams and displacement air distribution systems
- Recycling of grey water and condensate water
- Use of ‘desert friendly’ climate appropriate planting
- Maximised natural lighting
- Solar ponds for hot water generation

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Sorouh Office Building
Sorouh Office Building
Sorouh Office Building
Sorouh Office Building
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